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The activity of corporate drum circles can be extremely effective as a message delivery system for corporations, small businesses and other various groups that want to enhance the generation of new ideas and better teamwork. The act of creating “rhythms” in the corporate environment is shown to reduce stress, improve company morale, create better bonding and enhance cooperation between workers, improve communication, and increase productivity. In the weeks following a corporate drum circle, research ( has shown that worker absences, tardiness and work place “burn out” decrease substantially as a result of such team building exercises.


Start your conference off on the right note!

Freedom Drum Circles offer corporate drum circles as “ice breaker” activities, employee orientations, and other situations where groups of people come together for the first time that may create a tension or nervousness among the attendees. 

In the corporate environment, it is beneficial to use drumming as an “ice breaker” to bring everyone together as early as possible. 

Freedom Drum Circles has proven success in facilitating drum circles among large groups of people who develop a bond with each other while drumming a simple, unified rhythm. 

Unity is the main focus here, while bringing people together in a fun and creative way; when words can only say so much.

Let Freedom Drum Circles pull you team together in a fun and exciting way!


  1. Great message delivery system

  2. Keynote speaker support and focus

  3. Improvement of employee morale    

  4. Increase productivity 

  5. Building self-esteem 

  6. Reduce employee absences

  7. Enhance communication 

  8. Creates a more productive work environment          

  9. Effective stress relief 

  10. Positive team building and leadership building

Start your small or large conference, regional or national meeting, or open public event with a Freedom Drum Circles, facilitated “rhythm-based” event to bring everybody into one group rhythm.

From the beginning you will create connections between participants, which will last throughout your event. Eliminate tension and stress before you or your speakers deliver their messages. 

Whether for training purposes, management, public relations, or just plain fun, having your group of attendees playing drums together in a synchronized rhythm with others will leave them stimulated and a lasting positive experience.

Drum to the unifying rhythm that brings focus to the keynote speaker.

The excitement and fun collaboration of making music together will pull all associates together while creating a platform introducing the keynote speaker as the main message carrier. Every associate will be in tune, in sync, and focused on message with their undivided attention. A new and exciting way to deliver company messages and to make new connections 

Call today to arrange a corporate drum circle and positive team building

experience for your team! 


Christopher Ramirez (Drum Circle Facilitator)


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Please email your event questionnaire for rates and schedules.

60 minutes Drum Circle with (three 60 second windows of communication to deliver your messages and drive it home.)

  1. oClient must provide adequate seating for all participants. 

  2. oFor larger drum circles, client must provide a public address system.

  3. oLarger drum circles sometimes require two or more facilitators.

  4. oBasic rate for Los Angeles California area. Rates subject to change due to location.