The Mission 
                          “ BUILDING THE SPIRIT OF COMMUNITIES
                                   ONE DRUM BEAT AT A TIME ”  
Creating a safe environment in which participants use drums and percussion instruments as life enhancement tools. For thousands of years the power of music and rhythm has united the humanities in spirit and celebration. The interactive rhythm journey enhances confidence, self-empowerment with a sense of well-being and accomplishment. Group drumming is easy and accessible to everyone worldwide. Anyone can do it !  Many fortune 500 companies, universities, schools, art and cultural communities, health industries and  rehab-recovery organizations have embraced this unique approach as an activity that elevates and unites the spirit of all participants.   

                   “ It is not about successful performance, it is about successful living.”
              “ It is not about music technique, it is about self expression and team spirit.”
                No mistakes ! No errors ! No pressure ! 

As stated by Christopher Ramirez, founder of Freedom Drum Circles, "Everyone was born with a unique song in their heart. As a facilitator, I assist them in finding their song and help them share it with passion in a group setting." 

Evidence based research has revealed that only 7% of the United States population plays music; 85% express a desire to play recreational music.  
(Yamaha Music Corp, healthrhythms.com, Dr. Barry Bittman MD Neurologist
 Mind Body Center, Meadville PA.) 
Chris Ramirez, an experienced and talented drum circle facilitator, will take the group on a 45 to 60 minute memorable rhythm journey that will allow the players to feel part of a magnificent creation of music in the making.  The session will include both high and low tones, fast and slow beats, wonderful rhythm patterns and dynamics that highlight the music made by the group. It’s fun and the unity is felt in each beat made by all.  The finale leaves the drummers with renewed energy and a sense of accomplishment because their efforts contributed to the wonderful sounds made by the group. 

1. Enjoy successful and inclusive experiences.
2. Exercise, Laughter and Fun.
3. Add self-expression and rhythm ideas.
4. Gradually build confidence as a team.
5. Allow purposeful transfer of ideas through drumming.
Share a common rhythm and direction.

 AFTER THE EVENT:                                       
1. Feeling of team success and accomplishment.
2. Empowerment in a group setting. 
3. Enhanced morale and camaraderie.
4.  Confidence and leadership.                          
5. A sense of well-being and reduced stress.
A sense of moving beyond perceived limitations.

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No drumming experience required !