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Community Drum Circles
A drum circle is an excellent idea for a community festival or community event. The celebratory calling of the sound of drumming has a profound way of gathering the population in celebration either as participants or just to enjoy as observers. Rhythm events have a feeling of freedom that promotes interactive family fun while creating new music. Making new friends while sharing a common rhythm is not only good for the community but also an excellent way to meet and recognize the members of your community. No drumming experience is necessary to participate. There are no mistakes in a drum circle. The only thing needed is a free spirit and the love for making music in the moment and for the moment. Celebrating your own personal rhythm is viewed as an important contribution to the rhythm as a whole drumming experience.  With the help of a drum circle facilitator, you are sure to embark on an unforgettable rhythm journey. Drum circle facilitators are not only talented musicians, they are caring, compassionate and intuitive guides. Nurturing the spirit of self-expression while experimenting is what group drumming is all about. Community drumming has proven to be an exceptional activity to empower children and adults and family and friends alike.
   A community that drums together thrives together!