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There is much to be said about the courage in the individuals who confront their challenges that life bestows upon them. We are all born with a pure mind, body and soul that is tested as we experience the life we live. Making good life choices is what our parents,mentors and loved ones instill in us with their best intentions but, it is still up to each individual to hold true to the quality of life they desire to live. The love and support from family, close friends and for the recovering individuals themselves materializes when challenges are accepted creating the necessary platform of healing resulting in better life choices. Being engaged in healthy and creative group activities such as group drumming enhance the core value of joy for life and improve the quality of the human condition. Christopher Ramirez (a trained HealthRhythm facilitator) facilitates unique and memorable Healthrhythms protocol drumming sessions for many recovery groups. Christopher implements drums and  percussion instruments
as life enhancement tools with his passion for life and love for drumming during addiction intervention sessions, behavioral development sessions and prisons inmate enrichment program. Recognized worldwide as a group support activity that encourages self expression, healthy social interaction, building confidence while promoting personal growth and passion for life. 


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   “Making it better with music !”


There is no drumming experience necessary

It is not about performance or drumming skills…

It’s more about inspiring successful living.

It is not about drum class or learning drumming technique…

It is about personal empowerment and self-expression.