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What is Play?
Whether kids getting out for the summer or heading back to school, classes are getting larger, the No Child left behind mandates remain in place and, despite advice from the secretary of health and human services and others, recess and physical education (not to mention the arts and music programs) have in many schools been cut back or eliminated.  The over-saturation of a super organized, cell phone-computer-TV-and video game summer has diminished the natural desire to play and exercise for millions of kids and adults. While most of us are too busy working overtime and meeting deadline at school, the general feeling is that “play time is over.  
We tend to forget that the simple act of playing comes with great benefits to our lives.
True play may seem pointless-it is done for its own sake, because its fun. But, ultimately it is very useful. From an evolutionary prospective, the smarter the animal the more they play. For humans, play reinvigorates us not because it is down time, but because it gets us in touch with our core selves and the joy for life. Evidence based research and studies  demonstrate that group drumming activities enchance positive social skills, promotes respect and diversity for peers and their ideas resulting in making better life choices.    
    Through the lens of play research, we can see that there is a direct line between play deficiencies and some frightening public health and social trends: Obesity- attention deficit hyperactive disorder- increase in childhood and adult depression- Classroom behavioral problems and an inability to interact well with peers. 

You may ask, ”What does this have to do with playing drums?”
Here are just a few positive benefits that drumming contribute to PLAY:
Exercise within rhythms
Builds self-esteem
Enhances listening and communication skills
Stress Reduction
Connection with others making music
Self Expression within rhythms 
 In the moment creative thinking
 Sense of accomplishment and wellness

  “ Freedom Drum Circles, bring drumming and rhythm to the students “mailto:Healthrhythms@remo.comshapeimage_3_link_0