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Birthdays, Anniversaries, Company /Office Party, Family Reunions, Bat Mitzvahs, House Warming, Bachelor, Bachelorette, Beach, Frat, BBQs, Holidays, Wedding receptions, Singles, Private, Pool Party, Graduations, Fundraising, Farewell Parties, and Zoom/Hybrid events!

“If you have a heart beat….You can drum!”

Treat your family, co-workers and friends to an interactive drum circle experience that they will always remember. Watch your guest come alive with joyful energy while they move to the groove created by all. These are FUN and invigorating rhythms sessions are based on in the moment rhythm making and group support. The sound of the drums and the collective rhythm energy promotes positive community spirit and social connection for everyone participating. These activities are rhythmically playful and designed for people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and skill levels.

“There is no need for any prior drumming experience”

Drum circle rhythm parties are based on audience participation, movement and improvisation. We facilitate interactive rhythms that have all of the elements of jubilation allowing people to cut loose and enjoy themselves. Participants are encouraged to feel free to spontaneously drum, dance, and sing along with the groove made by everyone. Drum circle parties are a healthy form of self expression transcending perceived limitations and everyday stress. There are no wrong notes, no mistakes, no pressure because…

“It is not about how well you play a drum,
It is more about how we come together to celebrate life through rhythm”

This is what happens, participants sit together in a circle and play a variety of drums and hand percussion instruments. Your rhythm will guide everyone on a rhythm journey full of colorful percussion sounds, rhythmical dynamics and flow. Some people just want relax and observe the sound of drums and a good rhythmical groove that goes straight to the heart. Before you know it, the participants transform into a diverse collective groove ensemble celebrating the love for being together and the love for life!

We scale and customize events to meet your needs.

Find out how Freedom Drum Circles can add value to your next social gathering.

It’s time to bring people together and celebrate life!

Freedom Drum Circles (Christopher Ramirez) was a perfect addition to the Salute to Recreation Family Festival (Northridge Recreation Center) June 1-3, 2018. Prior to starting the bands on the main stage, Christopher had 50 drums and a slew of percussion instruments so everyone, young and old, could participate. The combination of creative expression and instruction was a blast!! I will be booking Freedom Drum Circles for more LA City community events.
Brent Harvey
Entertainment Talent Agency