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Proven benefits of a team building drum circle:

  • Foster Productive Teamwork
  • Promote Employee Bonding and Connection
  • Reduce Job Burnout and Absences
  • Effective Stress Relief

Freedom Drum Circle’s Team building drumming programs facilitate potential and human connection through the power of rhythm. These “in the moment rhythm experiences” break down barriers allowing for platforms that build trust, camaraderie and success. They are immersive and memorable rhythmic experiences that can change and inspire your idea of what employee and workplace connection really means. The high energy pulse of the rhythms coupled with the dynamic exchange of participant’s ideas are grounding and empowering. This promotes productive thinking resulting in meaningful outcomes.

Freedom Drum Circles is ready to help your team find their rhythm and get you in the groove for a in-person live or hybrid rhythm team experience.

Every individual contributes their unique percussive expression to the mix guided by Christopher Ramirez, a highly experienced Motivational Rhythm Facilitator. Participants transform into a one-of-kind percussion ensemble that transcends all boundaries and perceived limitation of cultural, language, ability, social economics, age and skill level. There is no need for prior drumming experience.

“It is not about how well you can play a drum or percussion,
It is more about how well you connect as a successful team”

These team building rhythm programs close the gap between top management and the working staff, opening the doors to a deeper since of communication and listening. Everyone feels the power of the rhythm and the positive energy that pulls the team together to build community via a musically transformative experience. Freedom Drum Circles is able to customized and scale the experience for your corporate events needs.

Leadership development through rhythm: Unity and diversity is our mission. Our interactive and equally inclusive approach is unique to building a successful team and workplace. These rhythm programs build leadership with concepts of movement and body language. Leaders learn when to play and not to play, when it is time to engage individuals or support the team as a whole.

With Freedom Drum Circles, your organization will discover that the whole is greater than the sum of all its individual parts.

Clients include:
Google – Sony – Disney Imagineers – IW Group – Kaiser Permanente – Home Depot –
O’Neal Construction – DaVita – Foothill Autism Alliance