What is a drum circle?

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A community that drums together, thrives together

A drum circle is an interactive and inclusive drumming experience shared by all participants with little or no prior musical experience required. These experiences are participatory and centered around movement, musical fun and rhythmical improvisation. Participants using a variety of hand drums and percussion instruments make up the sound of the spontaneous orchestra ensemble that entrains as one percussive expression. Guided by an experienced rhythm facilitator, the rhythm journey can be engaging, interactive, stress relieving, empowering and invigorating fun. The cultivation and sharing of this “in the moment rhythm spirit” is accessable to everyone. The simplicity makes it accessible to people of all age levels and skill levels, backgrounds and abilities. The experience can be intergenerational fun that fosters a feeling of strong connection with each other.

At the heart of the matter, music is not meant to be competitive. Drum circles provide the platform for social connection, wellness and unity for all participants. So many shy away and cast doubt upon the success of their ability to drum, overlooking the core value and benefits of recreational drumming.
It’s not about drumming skill and competency, It’s more about social connection, wellness and mindful creative expression.

Drumming is a natual activity. We were all introduced to the comforting sound of our mother’s heartbeat in her womb. This is what makes drumming greatly instinctual, natural and innately part of our DNA.

Recognized by corporations, community event planners, educators and modern medicine, facilitated drum circle have many health and social benefits.

An effective staff and employees team-building activity, excellent for wellness and mindful event Programing.
The flow, the pulse, and the collective expression of a group drum circles inspires people with a greater sense of unity that thrives and an ignited passion for life. HealthRhythms.com