“A team that works well together will add to your bottom line”


Bring a new a fresh concept to your team building activity
A team building event is more than a dinner reservation or bowling. Events need to be designed to increase engagement and contribute to the company culture. A true team building experience connects participants with an invigorating rhythm activity that ignites passion and unity for everyone. The simplicity of a universal rhythm shared by all  elevates the level of camaraderie and team awareness. This new approach to team building is participatory, inclusive and interactive based on improvisation and professionally guided by a skilled Motivational Rhythm Facilitator.

Why Freedom Drum Circles?
Christopher Ramirez, Motivational Rhythm Facilitator brings over 20 years of experience to team building rhythm events for corporations, hospitals staff, educators, and diverse communities  throughout the globe. Endorsed by The Los Angeles Arts Commission, Ford Theatre and as a Remo USA artist, Christopher is recognized for his unique programs in English or Spanish.

Here are a few great reasons to leave the team building to pros like Freedom Drum Circles Motivational Rhythm Events.

Looking for an exciting interactive team building event?  We can help with that!
Freedom Drum Circle helps evaluates your group and listens to your event message that will help foster success amongst your team. We work with you to detail and tailor a rhythm team building activity to serve your organization’s needs.

Drum Circle event without any worries!
We supply the drums and percussion instruments for all participants. 60 minute sessions. Longer sessions upon request. We have a place or we also come to you.

Excellent Message Delivery System!
Corporate messages,big or small, are more easily comprehended and understood when they come from a third party source. We will assist with your roll out of new company policies, goals or collaborative events, all in a neutral and safe drum circle experience for you and your staff and associates.

Team Building Rhythm Experiences!
Looking for a way to develop your team’s identity or tap into the energy and passion of your group? FDC is second to none and specializes in Motivational Rhythm Experiences that builds the spirit within your team. We focus on creating an unforgettable interactive rhythm event that highlights Leadership, Self Empowerment, Productivity, Wellness, Team Morale and Camaraderie resulting in a productive and energetic workplace environment.

We Know About Group interactive fun!
These are participatory drumming events. We engage everyone during our team building rhythms! No prior drumming experience, skill levels is required! Our rhythm events are all about engagement, interaction and inclusiveness. We make it easy and accessible to all participants. We motivate groups in a collective musical experience that feels and flow naturally.
Using a variety of hand drums and percussion instruments as the tools to connect and engage every participant, Christopher Ramirez guides the group in an inclusive and dynamic drumming journey that is filled with simple interactive rhythms that flow naturally in a colorful variety of sounds and dynamic tempos.

Let’s create a memorable team building experience for your corporation, large or small, to create a better life and better workplace together.

Proven benefits of a team building drum circle:

  • Foster Productive Teamwork
  • Promote Employee Bonding and Connection
  • Enhance Camaraderie
  • Enjoyable Ice Breakers
  • Reduce Job Burnout and Absences
  • Enhance Communication
  • Improves productive work environment
  • Effective Stress Relief