The wellness is in the music. The rhythm is the connector. The tool is the drum.

“Group drumming is not about inspiring successful drumming, it’s about inspiring successful living.”

“Group drumming is not about exceptional performance, it’s about exceptional support and personal expression.”

“Let the collective expression of the rhythm we create together take you to a place of peace, human connection and joy.” – CR

There are very few tools as versatile and accessible to diverse communities workplaces, schools or hospitals like a drum to enhance wellness.

Today, drumming protocols have found a place in modern medicine as a respected healing modality tool in therapeutic and physical applications. This has been recognized and widely accepted as a cost effective strategy for reducing stress within a variety of workplaces experiencing overwhelming schedules and deadlines. This approach have also been applied in Youth At Risk and Adult Inmate Enrichment Rhythm programs for social and emotional development fostering improvement in behavioral health wellness.

Evidence based research had also shined the light on the benefits of recovery and resilience from addiction and substance abuse through group drumming. HealthRhythms protocol.

Neurologist Barry Bittman of the Mind-Body Wellness Center in Meadville, Pennsylvania. Other health benefits of group drumming are creative self expression, laughter and positive mood change, mindful meditation, relaxation and stress reduction when facilitated by an experienced rhythm facilitator. We are all born into rhythm. We were born to the rhythm of the heartbeat in our mother’s womb. This makes drumming an innate part of our DNA.


This protocol stimulates the neurotransmitters in the brain which produces the happy hormone (serotonin) that changes our mood and makes us feel good and happy. It also releases (dopamine) which is associated with pleasurable sensations. The increased levels of these hormones produce higher levels of (Oxytocin) associated with social functions as bonding behaviors and human connection. This drumming protocol increases levels of disease fighting immune system cells, also known as natural killer cells. (white blood cells)


  • Stress reduction
  • Fosters positive Workplace Environment
  • Enhances Recovery and Resilience
  • Reduces Job Burnout
  • Validate Self-expression
  • Mindful Meditation Relaxation
  • Build Self-Confidence
  • Exercise/ Breath and Movement
  • FUN Music Exploration and Discovery

10 reasons why we all should drum. https://www.drnorthrup.com/health-benefits.