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“Building Community Spirit and Human Connection through Rhythm”

Celebrating community!

Imagination-Exploration = Transformation.
Community Drumming events are an excellent opportunity for people of all ages, all backgrounds and abilities to gather in a mutual and safe environment to play an assortment of hand drums and percussion instruments. The welcoming call of the sound of drumming has a profound way of connecting people with a rhythmical universal language that transcends social economics, age, background that embraces cultural diversity. No drumming experience is necessary to participate. There are no mistakes in a drum circle. The only thing needed is a free spirit and the love for making music in the moment.
A community drum circle is not about competition, It is not a performance.
It’s more about cooperation and collaboration, with the focus placed on improvisation, movement and participation.
Participants in a community drumming event transcend social economics, age, background and fosters cultural diversity.

Whether you’re a beginning-beginner or a professional musician, there is always room to join in.
Together the group develops a powerful sense of commUNITY. The drum circle emphasizes both interdependence and equality, enhancing trust and friendships. Rhythm events have a feeling of freedom that promotes interaction and inclusion while creating new musical experiences. it also provides an opportunity for participants to feel connected with others and gain a sense of interpersonal support. Everyone has a unique rhythm spirit, and your own personal rhythm is viewed as an important contribution to the whole drumming experience. With help from an experienced drum circle facilitator such as, Christopher Ramirez, you are sure to embark on an unforgettable rhythm journey. Drum circle facilitators are not only talented musicians, they are caring, compassionate and intuitive guides. Nurturing the spirit of self-expression, inclusion, and interactive fun. Community drumming has proven to be an exceptional activity to empower children and adults and family and friends alike.

Evidence based research is now providing the health and wellbeing benefits of group drumming. Itis a stress releiver, improves mood, boosts immune system by increasing white blood cells known as killer blood cell. ( ) resulting in a Positive impact on your health and the health of your community.
The rhythm is the connector, the drum is the tool and the rhythm spirit and the joy of the the people complete the drumming experience. After a Freedom Drum Circles event, you’ll feel energized, invigorated, with a sense of accomplishment and an ignited spirit.