The Power of Drumming


Among all the benefits that Freedom Drum Circles has shared and have been so luck to be a part of would have to be… the ability to ignite the spirit of children and adults in schools, workplaces and diverse communities throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area and The Bay Area and beyond.

These participatory music making programs are designed with an emphasis on improvisation allowing people to express themselves and find common connection.

The simplicity of the interactive rhythm makes it accessible for teachers, counselors, therapists, people of all age levels and skill levels, backgrounds, profession and music lovers everywhere with little or no musical experience.

Facilitated Drum Circles are not subject to criticism or negative opinion thus allowing a medium for social connection that is interactive, inclusive, safe and transformational.

At the heart of the matter, music is not meant to be competitive.

This is the primary reason why so many people shy away and cast doubt upon the opportunity to explore their musical ability within a recreational drum circle.

However, Christopher Ramirez, a skilled Percussionist/Motivational Rhythm Facilitator, does not focus on musical competency but more on musical connection and expression.

As your rhythm guide, Christopher using simple universal rhythms within the participant’s abilities, challenges, age and background that encourages everyone to play in harmony together fostering unique rhythmical expression that is powerful and grounding.


School Programs

  • Improved positive social skills
  • Stress reducer
  • Focus to attention and concentration
  • Enhance respect for piers /patience
  • Interactive explorational music experience.

Company Team Building Activity, Conferences, Ice Breaker & Retreats 

  • Improve employe communication
  • Enhance camaraderie and morale.
  • Build a productive team that adds to your bottom line.
  • Promote a cohesive and positive work environment.
  • Excellent stress reducer
  • Google-Cisco-AT&T-Sony,Facebook

Community Events/ Festivals/ Private Parties/ interactive Fun

  • Engage your community members
  • Celebrate your community spirit, private parties, festival and church gatherings and city events!
  • Feel the connection through rhythm between the diversified people of your community.
  • Smile, Laugh, Dance with a sense wellness for all!